How far will you travel for a job?
We travel throughout New England. Since we love to travel, we will consider larger projects outside the region if our schedule permits.

How do you charge?
Stonework is quoted based on the square footage. For example, stone walls typically run $50-$80 per square foot. Stone borders along a walkway are quoted by the linear foot. Hourly charges and machine rental costs can accrue if Darkstone is hired for site preparation tasks such as clearing land.

Who will be working on my project?
Gabriel Dark works on every project. In most cases, Gabriel works by himself. For larger projects, Gabriel has access to other highly skilled stone masons to provide additional support.

What time of year is best for stone work?
We work in all weather conditions, but the ideal time is spring through late fall. If preparation is completed before the ground freezes, we may be able to work on dry stone walls in the winter, but it is not optimal.

Do you use mortar?
We specialize in dry laid stonework and are certified in dry stone walling, but we can use mortar if it is necessary. In most cases, mortared applications mimic the look of dry stone walls.

Why don’t you use any man-made stone?
We believe that natural stone is the perfect building material. It is a wonderfully green solution because it doesn’t need to be created, it lasts a lifetime, and for most of our jobs, it is locally sourced and comes from the area where we are working. Traditional stonework requires creativity, patience and strength rather than power tools. It preserves the art of our ancestors. From a practical perspective, we also feel that the quality of natural stone is simply superior to mad-made alternatives. Man-made stone can break down over time, while natural stone will outlast all of us.

My landscaping company also builds walls. Why should I hire Darkstone?
You can get food in a cafeteria line or from a skilled chef with advanced training. Both get the job done, but the food from the chef is going to be more beautiful and memorable. Gabriel Dark at Darkstone has an artist’s eye, extensive experience with all types of natural materials, and advanced training that is difficult to find in the U.S.

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