Spring is almost here

Start thinking about your outdoor projects now

 As seasoned New Englanders enduring the grip of another seemingly endless winter, we wage war against long dark days armed with wool and gore tex.  Small victories are won by those who can embrace the monochromatic landscape.  Some of us ski while others snowshoe or ice skate.  What ever it is that helps us survive the annual deep freeze, we all are fueled by the hope of spring's hurried return.  The days are staying brighter just a bit longer now.  The Red Sox have begun spring training and believe it or not we are a mere seventeen days from the first day of spring.  The glacial speed of winter's retreat has surely worn our yankee hearts down to the glassy smoothness of water worn stones.  However the horizon is bright and fast approaching with the gifts of springs arrival.

Like the rest of you, Darkstone is thawing out.  I'm looking forward to what this upcoming season will present.  In 2013 Darkstone was blessed to collaborate with wonderful people to create some truly unique designs that I am very proud of.  I expect the 2014 season to bring with it challenges much like every other season, however I will continue to hone my craft and strive to create one of a kind projects.  

It's not too early to start planning for spring and summer projects.  Let's get it done in 2014!





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